When something goes wrong with your natural gas heating system, you can be faced with no heat and the hassle of finding a qualified technician to make an urgent repair during their busiest time. Plus, a repair could cost you hundreds of dollars including parts and labor. That’s why we offer Extra Service Protection (E.S.P.®) coverage for your heating system (furnace or boiler). You'll have the help you need with just one call, and you’ll be protected against expensive repair costs.

What could go wrong?

The photos below show some heating system components that may break down without notice–and how much a professional HVAC technician would typically charge customers without repair service coverage. Would you know who to call if your heating system broke down without warning?

Protection options



Coverage per rolling 12-month period


Most major parts covered
High-efficiency equipment
ECM or equivalent motor covered
CVP* when excluded part fails

Convenient billing options

Enroll in either the E.S.P. Heating Basic or Premium plan for a low monthly cost. Call 1-877-340-5292 for more information and your choice of several, convenient payment options.

Please note: Not all plans are offered in all areas. Please call Service Protection Group at 1-877-340-5292 for more information.

* CVP, or Cash Value Payment, means a payment made directly to the Customer based on the value of an appliance. Should an Excluded Part (as defined in the Customer Agreement) fail, we will issue you a check payment directly, based on the value of your existing unit. Your payment will be based on the age of your heating equipment, its expected life and the plan's coverage limit of up to $2,500. Please see the Customer Agreement for more information.