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E.S.P. Service Plans

Peace of Mind

E.S.P. service plans provide peace of mind service you can count on. We help make life a little easier when a home repair problem rears its ugly head. E.S.P. service plans take the hassle out of finding a qualified repair contractor and pay for the cost of covered repair parts and the labor to install them. Our call center representatives are available 24/7 to take your service repair calls and make arrangements for one of our pre-qualified contractors to follow up as soon as possible. No matter what the problem, E.S.P. will be there when you need us. For more details about individual plans or to enroll, click “READ MORE."

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We're Here to Help!

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We value your business and are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions by phone. Click "Read More" below for additional contact information. "Your technician was very polite and courteous. When I made my initial call, I talked to the phone representative and he was also very courteous and polite — as was everyone else I talked to. Thank you very much. I have told several people about the service I received." - Judy V.

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E.S.P. Heating

Be Winter-Ready!

Your heating system has hundreds of parts, and with cold weather on the way it will cycle on and off in order to maintain the temperature setting in your home. This regular cycling can cause one or more of these parts to break down without warning, meaning you could be faced with no way to heat your home. With an Extra Service Protection (E.S.P.®) service plan you will have the peace of mind knowing you are protected in a heating emergency. Click Read More below for additional information.

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Your Water Heater

Premium Service Protection

This essential home appliance has a finite lifespan, and over time, it deteriorates. It may fail while you are washing dishes, or worse, while you are taking your morning shower. When this piece of equipment fails, it can leave you and your home in turmoil—no hot water to bathe, clean or cook, and who do you call to get it fixed or replaced, fast? Problem solved—we are pleased to announce a new solution to homeowners—E.S.P. Water Heater Premium. For more information on this service protection plan, click “READ MORE.”

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